BusyB: Installing BusyB





Quick Start


Installing BusyB, while a manual process, is fairly easy. Essentially you have to:

  • Make sure you have python installed on your system

  • Install BusyB into your python installation

  • Get the BusyB script files into your path.

The following sections will guild you through installing BusyB.

Make sure you have python installed

The good thing about Linux is that you probably already have python installed. 

If you are using Windows and need to install python then download it from www.python.org and just run the very easy to use installer. In the paragraphs below, I will assume that you have installed python in c:\program files\python22. Note that in order to use python the python install directory should be in your path.

Download and Install BusyB

You can download BusyB from the Sourceforge project page.

If you are on a system that supports RPM, simply download and install the busyb RPM file.

Alternatively, you can download the source tar ball, unpack it, cd to the busyb-X.Y/busyb directory and run the installer:

cd busyb-2.1
python setup.py install

This step will copy the BusyB python and script files to your python installation. On Linux, you will probably need to run setup.py as root.

Get the BusyB scripts into your path

If you are running on Linux, installing busyb as described above will copy the busyb.py and bbweb.py scripts to your /usr/bin directory, so you are done.

If you are running on windows, you will need to copy the busyb.py and bbweb.py scripts to some directory in your paths directory.

That's it!