BusyB: Quick Start





Quick Start


To use BusyB, you need exactly one thing – a BusyB project file. The project file simply an XML file which tells BusyB what to build, when to build, where to put the log files and what to do if the build fails for some reason.

The simplest possible BusyB project file will just run a command or two and exit. To start BusyB with this project file, simply run the busyb command with the name of the project file:

$ busyb.py busyb.xml

Actually, it's even simpler than that: if you don't give BusyB a file name, it will default to busyb.xml. So the command above is equivalent to:

$ busyb.py

Now simple examples are all very well, but  perhaps you would like to notify someone by email if the build fails. Or perhaps it takes two, or even three commands to build the software. No problem!