BusyB: Introduction





Quick Start


BusyB is a simple system for automatically executing your builds, which grew out of various night remake scripts that I have written over the years. If you have software that you want to build at certain times or when certain things happen, BusyB is the utility for you.


  • Is very easy to install and use -- no complex software dependencies and only a single simple XML configuration file to write.

  • Makes it easy to build your software at certain times, or when someone changes something, or when some other event occurs

  • Is compatible with just about any build – doesn't matter if your build is based on make or ant, batch files or shell scripts or some other utility

  • Notifies you via email of both successful and unsuccessful builds -- or just the unsuccessful builds -- or just the successful builds -- or neither

  • Keeps track of the build logs in files ready made for a web site. You can use your own web server to deliver the logs, or you can use the simple web server included with BusyB

To get fast a idea of how to use BusyB, have a look at the quick start page.