BusyB: A Simple Project File





Quick Start


Here is pretty much the simplest BusyB project file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  <description>ClanRuby Test Project</description>








Let's take this a bit at a time:

  • Beyond the standard <?xml header, the whole file is one big <project> element.

  • The <description> element just defines a nice explanation of the whole project.

  • The <logDir> element tells BusyB where to drop the log files as it builds. BusyB log files record the output of the commands that BusyB executes in HTML format.

  • The <once> element tells BusyB to do the build once and then exit.

  • The <build> element and its sub elements tell BusyB where to go and what to do to get your software built.

  • The <dir> element tells BusyB the directory where to do the build.

  • The <step> element and its <cmd> sub element tell BusyB how to build the project. Note that the command could well have been “ant” or any other command that you might use to build your software.

So what will BusyB do with all of this? It will:

  • cd to the /usr/fred/test/src directory

  • run the make command there

  • record the results in a logs files suitable for a web server in /tmp/buildlogs

  • exit