BusyB: The Simple Web Server





Quick Start


BusyB stores its logs as HTML files, which you can either view locally or serve up with just about any web server. If you do not happen to have a web server handy, you can use the little one that comes with BusyB. Packaged in the same directory as the busyb command, the busyb web server is called, logically enough, bbweb.

The bbweb command takes exactly two parameters:

  • The TCP/IP port to listen on

  • The directory where the log files are to be found. Note that even on windows you should use forward slashes in this path.

So starting bbweb on Windows would look something like:

c:> bbweb.py 8080 c:/temp/logs

While on Unix it would be more like:

$ bbweb.py 8080 /usr/project/logs

Note that bbweb is about as bear bones as a web server can get -- please don't try to run a e-commerce site with it.